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"Don’t let feel create fact, Use fact to create feel"
- Saxton Sharad, President




Post Script works alongside your team to observe and analyze existing processes in order to improve total operational costs. Post Script installs best practices and efficiency tools, both learned and developed, to fit the nuances of the property. Installed during a 12-20 week holistic project, the PERfact Operating System ® drives continued communications to monitor compliance and sustain results which instills a culture of continuous improvement.

Following the project’s 6-month revisit to review, adjust, and retrain, consider an annual subscription to improve upon the standard year one 3x ROI.

Post Script complements both asset management and owner/operator models.


Our Goal

As the world changes so too has the needs of guests, associates, and owners. We work together to innovate and create positive memorable experiences at a profit.


We want to change the way that the hospitality industry views and utilizes data at every level of the organization. Many hospitality companies use ‘feel to create fact’ - we believe you should use ‘fact to create feel.’ With everything that we do, we challenge our clients to utilize data in new and unique ways to drive operational decision making.


Combining our passion for hospitality and data analytics we have created a non-traditional hospitality consulting approach. Working alongside our clients to install a culture of continuous improvement, our methodology considers all aspects of our clients business. From the viewpoints of each key shareholder, our team of highly educated and experienced consultants work to understand the needs and goals of our clients in order to deliver results in the true spirit of hospitality.


From overall operation efficiency through concept creation and everything in between, we create and install customized plans for our clients to unlock value in their business improving overall P&L performance resulting in an improved guest experience and more efficient working environment.